About Satanic Ministry

The Satanic Temple launched its ministry program in 2021 as a way to recognize qualified members who have demonstrated a deep and passionate understanding of the beliefs, values and goals of our church and a connection to our community. By providing a uniform education and training standard across the organization, the ministry program promotes a common foundation of knowledge for our organizational culture and leadership. By promoting lifelong continuous education and self-improvement, the ministry program contributes to the ongoing positive growth among our members.

What is Satanic Ministry?

You will see the terms “Satanic Ministry” and “The Satanic Temple Ministry” used interchangeably on this website. Both terms refer to the body of ordained Ministers of Satan in our organization. It is also common to refer to the body of ministers ordained by a church as clergy, so you will sometimes see references to “The Satanic Temple clergy” as well.

What does Satanic Ministry do?

Projects that are managed by members of the Satanic Ministry for the benefit of our ministers and our religious community are usually attributed to Satanic Ministry, although each project managed by a specialized team of ministers who are responsible for making sure the project runs smoothly and continues to grow. Currently the Satanic Ministry is responsible for the following ongoing projects:

  • The Ordination Program, managed by the Ordination Council, is the training program our members go through in order to become ordained Ministers of Satan.
  • The Satanic Scholar Program, also managed by the Ordination Council, is the non-ordination educational program available to all of our members.
  • Weekly Religious Services, managed by the Religious Services Team, are open to the general public. In each service, one of our ministers leads a discussion on a topic related to Satanic values, beliefs, and activities.
  • The SAMAEL catalog, managed by the SAMAEL Librarians, is a comprehensive online catalog of recommended readings, ebooks, and journal articles on Satanism and Satanic philosophy, that also includes Satanic ritual scripts and Satanic Ministry historical and archival documents.
  • The Minister Supplies Store, managed by a rotating subset of Ordination Council members, sells exclusive products such as minister ID cards, ritual certificates, legal documentation, and other supplies that are available only for our ordained ministers. It is also sells Certificates of Satanic Scholarship for graduates of the non-ordination coursework.
  • Our FAQ & Help Center, managed as a crowdsourced collaborative effort among minister volunteers, is an extensive knowledge base with information about becoming ordained, minister services, Satanic rituals, how to get involved in congregations and campaigns, and how to contact the right people and groups to get answers to your more detailed questions.
  • The Tree of Knowledge, managed by the TToK Board of Editors, is an Open Peer Commentary journal that publishes articles to promote robust discourse among the ministers of The Satanic Temple, and enrich the depth and diversity of Satanic thinking in our organization and religious community.

About this website

The satanicministry.com website is organized as a collection of sub-sites or “apps” that are dedicated to specific projects or activities of the Satanic Ministry. Those apps are listed, along with convenient short-cut links to popular and important pages, on the main hub homepage page (hub.satanicministry.com). Currently, the Satanic Ministry website apps are:

The following legal statements and agreements apply uniformly to all of the apps that can be accessed as subdomains from the main satanicministry.com website:

Please make sure you review each of these pages carefully before you use any section of this website. Your use of this website constitutes implicit agreement to the terms and conditions stated therein.

If you have any questions that are not already answered by our Help Center App, please contact the Ordination Council.